Infant Community

(1.5 years – 3 years)

Infant Community Environment

The Infant Community is simpler and slower paced than the Casa (three to six year old) classroom. The Montessori materials and activities are specially catered to this particular to this age group.


Similar to Casa, the children in these rooms are encouraged to explore new methods for movement and independence, the development of spoken language and are also exposed to art, music, sensorial, mathematical critical thinking and practical life activities through many direct and indirect lessons which are catered to gradually advance the children into Casa.


Group activities such as eating together, singing and stories provide young children with the experience of belonging to a community where they can grow and learn together.

In Babies & Casa, we encourage our teachers to move quietly at all times to create an environment for the child to develop concentration and stimulate natural love of learning through exploration.


We practice a strict ‘lead by example’ policy where the children observe and emmulate the teachers modelling desired behaviour of being respectful and orderly at all times, while gently encouraging the child to participate similarly. We also cater to each child differently based on the specific needs.


Practical life activities are an integral part of a Montessori environment as they help the child establish patterns of order and sequencing through math and languange concepts resulting in the child being grounded in reality through these real-life activities.

Just as important as the development of a child’s mind, it is essential for any child to be vibrant and physically active. Through avenues such as gym, song and dance, the child has access to a variety of large muscle activities that offer opportunities to jump, climb, balance, crawl or skip.