(3 years – 6 years)

The Curriculum

A range of specially designed self-improvement resources and activities are openly organized on shelves designed to trigger children’s curiousity in specific yet integrated areas of the classroom – Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Maths and Culture.


Children select their own activities and work independently at their own pace under minimal guidance of the Montessori teachers and teamwork is encouraged when they are placed in small groups or come together for full class activities allowing them to develop social and interpersonal skills as well as learning the importance of working together.

Practical Life activities bring into reality their life at home in the school. The main aim of this is to develop the child’s confidence in being independent and forming thought patterns that can be used in day to day life.

Sensorial materials were specifically designed by Dr Montessori in order to develop the child’s receptiveness to the surroundings. Activities include matching and grading using materials that isolate the senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, kinaesthesia (awareness of body movements) and smell.

Language, in particular English is a universal means of communication and an intrinsic part of the thinking process.  We believe in incorporating language into appealing forms such as writen, spoken and sung.

The sensorial and practical life work have already awakened the child’s creativity and we further develop the child’s critical thinking through mathematical measures such as geometry, sequencing, order, categorising, patterns and quantities.

Our cultural materials lead a child to experience geography, natural science, history, music and art.