ere at Babies & Casa, we thrive on ensuring each child is given the perfect amount of space and time to grow and cultivate the joy of learning. In ensuring we facilitate each phase of the child’s development, we have equipped our Montessori with 3 classrooms to cater wholly to children of different age groups.

Little caucasian boy playing with Montessori toy in pre-school

Nido (8 weeks – 18 months)

A trained professional cares for children personally around the clock.

Children are allowed to develop and explore in a safe, controlled and loved environment based on the specific needs of each child.

Infant Community (19 months – 3 years)

Children are given the opportunity to use Montessori-based materials to explore new methods for movement and independence, develop fluency of the spoken language and are also exposed to art, music, sensorial, mathematical critical thinking and practical life activities through many direct and indirect lessons.

We also create avenues for plenty of group activities to give the children a sense of belonging to a community of other children.

Casa (4 years – 6 years)

We expose the children to a range of specially designed self-improvement resources and activities are openly organized on shelves designed to trigger children’s curiousity in specific yet integrated areas of the classroom – Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Maths and Culture.

Children are taught on the importance of building their foundation upon great values that would define them as future leaders.